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      D19 Diesel Pile Hammer

      Short Description:

      Diesel Pile Hammers specialize in driving wood pile, concrete pile, precast pile, steel pipe pile, sheet pile.

    2. FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999,999 / Piece
    3. Min. Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
    4. Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Month
    5. Port: Shanghai Port
    6. Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
    7. Product Detail

      Product Tags

      D Series Diesel Pile Hammer
      The hammers feature more power and higher obtainable energy, higher fuel efficient and less maintenance requirements, less malfunction, durability. Double fuel pump system, offshore leads and suspended rope leaders, provides professional solutions for various jobsite conditions.

      Product Model: D19

      Specifications Type D19-42
      Impact weight(piston) kg 1820
      Energy per blow J ≤57585
      Number of blows 1/min ≥37
      Force of explosion pressure on plie max KN 686
      (The data mentioned refers to average values mainly valid concrete piles. Depending on the soil conditions deviations are possible.) kg 6000
      Permissible rope diameter for deflector sheave of tripping device max. mm Φ20
      Consumption Diesel oil l/h 6.6
      Lubricant l/h 1
      Capacity for vertical pilling Diesel oil tank l 32
      Capacity of lubricant oil tank l 9
      Ether tank l 1.20
      Weights Diesel pile hammer approx. kg 3550/3695
      ? Tripping device approx. kg 100
      ? Transport bracket approx. kg 11
      ? Transport guard approx. kg 15
      ? Tool box approx. kg 75
      Dimensions  Length of Diesel pile hammer (a/a1) mm 4984/5570
      Outer diameter of impact block (b) mm 440
      Over all dimensions measured over fastening screws of the guide jaws (c) mm 560
      Width of Diesel pile hammer (d) mm 485
      Width for connection of guide jaws (e) mm 320
      Centre of Diesel pile hammer up to pump guard(f) mm 345
      Centre of Diesel pile hammer up to center of threaded hole for fastening screws of the guide jaws(g) mm 280
      Depth of Diesel pile hammer (h) mm 665
      Minimum (standard) distance from center of Diesel pile hammer up to the center lead (H) mm  440
      Guiding center spacing mm 330(×Φ70)

      D8 diesel pile hammer2

      D19 DIESEL PILE HAMMERS: DRIVE THE WORLD are widely used on high pro?le and long-term engineering projects, such as, expressways, skyscrapers, bridges, subways, airports, deep water docks, power stations, and more.
      More e?fficient –More power & Higher obtainable energy
      More economical –Higher fuel e?fficient & Less maintenance requirements
      More convenient – Easy maintenance
      SEMW independently developed custom-made Octagon shaped Diesel Hammers, specialized for the American market. The hammers are designed according to our customer’s requirement; and designed for the construction process used in the United States. Octagon Diesel Hammers are well received in North America, which demonstrates our ability to influence and expands the ever-growing SEMW product line
      around the world.

      Our professional team offers free consulting services to help ?find the best solutions for your next job.

      Our service team has a wide range of professional experience on any size project, large or small.
      We have offices in Tian jin, Guang zhou, Hang zhou and Jiangsu. In these cities, our service team and service vehicles are available at any time. We can be at your jobsite within 4hours with the spare parts and service you need.
      In all other cities in China, our service team can be at your jobsite within 24hours.

      We have a professional team to serve our customers with advanced data base CRM system with ?les of all our customers. Regular call backs are made to verify products function well and meet your needs.

      Supervisor telephone number: 0086-021-66308831. We will assist the after-sale service and solve any problems with the sense of urgency. Your requests will be well received.

      We have sufficient supplies for spare parts and common wear items, to make sure you have access to quick maintenance and repair.

      Diesel Hammers are the key product of SEMW. They have achieved a good reputation domestically and overseas. SEMW diesel hammers are exported in a large quantity to Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and Africa.

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